February 29, 2012

Where I'm at.

A wise man once said “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”. Maybe this accounts for my recent absence from the blogging world. It seems like the last two months have been a haze of illness, lack of motivation, and false starts.

I feel like so many of my blog posts revolve around the excitement of starting a new phase of fitness or my latest weight loss achievement. It sets me up as a role model and motivator for others and that makes me hesitant to write about the hard parts of a weight loss journey.

But let’s be honest, that’s what it is.

A journey.

There are ups and downs and not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

I’m surrounded by so many positive influences and cheerleaders in my life. They make me want to eat healthy, be active, and stay social. …most of the time.

My Isagenix anniversary came up this week. Since last year I have lost (and kept off) 38 pounds. While this is a success, I still focus on the 8 pounds I am up from my lowest weight last year which was around Labour Day and also the fact that I have yet to hit the magic number to bring me back to my pre-pregnancies weight.

Silly, I know, but when you commit your life to something, you crave results.

A lot of my success last year came from the motivation to fit into my bridesmaid dress. Well, once again this year I have the honour of standing up with one of my dear friends at her wedding and we are ordering the dresses this week. That being said, I’m still stumped by what size to order.

The chic dress that I get to wear

Should I go with what fits me now and have it taken in a bit if I lose a little?

Or, should I be more ambitious and go a little smaller to motivate me to get my groove back?

I’m leaning toward the latter.

Either way, now I have a goal.

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Kataroo said...

I think your right its a journey, ups and downs and all the real stuff in the middle...and the middle is the best part of an oreo!

PS. Go smaller :) you thrive on a challenge :)