June 12, 2012

Four Going on Fourteen

In just a couple days, Miss Cate will be turning four. Yikes! I still find it very hard to believe that I have been a mother for that long! 

It has become a bit of a tradition to throw large lavish birthday parties for the girls. We are often the party hosts and we love doing it so what better excuse to get together with friends and family?

For Cate's First Birthday we had a Garden Party in our backyard.

First Birthday

For Cate's Second Birthday we had a Dora Party complete with a scavenger hunt through the nearby park.

Second Birthday

For Cate's Third Birthday we really went all out and held a Princess Party at my inlaws beautiful home just out of town.

Third Birthday

Really, there was no topping that last party.

With two kids in daycare full time, the purse strings were a little tighter this year and so we decided that it would be a kids only party. Also, Cate had already "invited" all of her little daycare friends to her party, so I figured why not? I searched around for the right venue for the party, and as it turns out, it was right in our neighbourhood! 

The Birthday Girl and her little sister.

This past weekend, Cate celebrated her fourth birthday at A Gym Tale. From start to finish, every detail was looked after. Upon arrival, all the kids were signed in at the front desk under Cate's name. From there, the kids tackled the giant indoor play structures. There was even a little area for Maddie to hang out while the big kids worked their way up to the top of the big slide. 

Half and hour later, the party host came out, called all the kids down, and lead them into the "enchanted forest" for another 30 minutes of princess themed obstacles course, parachute games, and of course, bubbles. 

Circle Time

They then headed over to the party room for hot dogs and lemonade, followed by the princess cupcakes that we brought in. The hostess took care of everything, including tending to the kids' requests for 5 refills each! Next we moved onto presents and Cate was in her glory with all her little buddies around her. When she finished up, there were still a few minutes left, so the hostess put on a few magic tricks to keep the kids entertained until the very end. 

Princess Crown Cupcakes

As each child left, Cate handed them one of the home-made magic wands that we created using oreo cookies, pink chocolate and sprinkles :)

Sweet Magic Wands

Overall, the party was a hit and both girls were well worn out by the end of the day. Success!



Kataroo said...

Those cupcakes are incredible! and the magic wands were really yummy I had a bite...heheheh :)

Sasha said...

Seriously, where DOES the time go??? And those parties sound AWESOME. I officially feel inadequate now :P

Anonymous said...

Those wands are lovely. What a great idea! I may organize a wand-making date with The Niece just for the fun of it.

zunaira mehar said...

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