September 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up - September 4, 2011

Overall weight lost: -65lbs

Weight lost this week: -0.6lbs

Work outs: Monday - Cardio (46mins) / Tuesday - Antigravity Yoga (60 mins) & Strength (35mins)/ Wednesday - Saunders Farm Fitness Class (60 mins) / Thursday - Off / Friday - Off / Saturday - Cardio (15mins) & Strength (30mins) / Sunday - Cardio (40mins) & Strength (20mins)

Accomplishments: This week I bought a Groupon for The Athletic Club. I tried a number of new things, but the biggest accomplishment is most certainly the antigravity yoga class that I took on Tuesday. Since this was my first class, there was a fair bit of introduction time rather than actual calorie burning exercise, but my success is in knowing that I made it through the whole class and was able to do all but one of the poses.

I did this!

Challenges: My challenges this week were more based on circumstances that prevented me from going to the gym. On Thursday I had all my gym stuff together as I headed to the east end for Maddie's Dr's appointment followed by what was supposed to be a new exercise class, but I realized that I had forgot to book the kids into the childcare and as it turned out, they were full. Friday was similar in that Cate had a Dr's appointment at CHEO mid-morning and I had plans to go out at night and so I didn't have a chance to go due to the restricted childcare hours. Hopefully with the arrival of fall and Cate's return to daycare, I will no longer find myself too busy to workout.

Thoughts: My favourite part of this week was heading to The Athletic Club with my friend this afternoon to enjoy a Girls Afternoon Out at the gym! We tried a bunch of new cardio machines, followed by a swim in the pool and a quick dip in the hot tub. We enjoyed a protein shake at the cafe and then headed out for a little shopping before heading home. It was awesome!

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Kataroo said...

I love this weekly wrap up format! You had a great week and it was fun trying new things. Thanks for blogging by the way I was sitting here with my decaf coffee waiting for ryan to start a movie and surfing the net for something fun :) HELLO LALALAND :)