November 22, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

On my way home from picking Cate up at daycare, she proved to me that she was a true Canadian Girl. 

Cate: "Mom, that's the wrong street"
Me: "No, Cate, I have to go this way to pick up the mail first"
Cate: "There are two ways to get to our house, eh?"

She instantly made her Mama proud. (Is that wrong?)

In the short drive from the mailbox to our house I was thinking about how I could turn this moment into a blog post. Still pondering, I walked into the house, took off everyone's outdoor gear and headed to the kitchen to get dinner ready. Cate was playing with the cutlery drawer and I reached over and grabbed a spoon to stir Maddie's milk. 

Cate went apesh*t.

She stomped her feet, flung herself into the drawers, and started the usual whine/cry/yell/scream routine. I explained to her that I needed a spoon for Maddie and that I could rinse it and give it back to her.

Her reply?

"Stupid f*cks"


I was shocked. dumbfounded. appalled. 

I asked her what she said (hoping I had heard her wrong) and she refused to repeat it. She knew she was in the wrong. I explained that we NEVER use those words. Yesterday we had a long discussion about not using the word stupid because it wasn't a nice word, never did I think she'd be dropping the f-bomb the very next day.

I asked her where she learned this word (hoping she wouldn't say Mommy or Daddy!) but she replied with "I learned it when I was a baby"... Great. 

I don't know where to go from here. I'll admit that I am not perfect when it comes to watching my language, but I try my best to keep it clean around kids.

Can any of you offer any advice on nipping this in the bud? The last thing I need is her teaching this great new word to her groupies at daycare... yikes! Can you imagine the dirty looks I would get from the other parents? It would be worse than the biting incident last year...


Kataroo said...

Ryan is asking me from downstairs why I am laughing so sorry...but that was good! Maybe because it makes me feel better for Kay saying 'f'king dog' once. I am also thinking lord I know I have a POTTY mouth I hope Cate didn't get it from me :( LOL

Anonymous said...

Nick used to say "Ostie" all the time.... ! I explained to him that it was a very bad world and ignore it after.... It last a week and it stops! Try to ignore it... and if it last.... Good luck!! ;-)

Annie B et Nickenson!!

Sasha said...

LOL! I know what you mean! I was ranting under my breath once - I didn't think S could even hear me - then she came up to me timidly, and said "Fwig?". Oh well. At least it wasn't "Fwuck". FWIW, I tried not to make a big deal out of it, she hasn't said it since.