November 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up - November 3, 2011

Overall weight lost: 60 lbs

Weight lost this week: Even

Work outs: Thursday - Run (40 mins) / Friday - Cardio (20 mins), Yoga (60 mins) & Hot Yoga (75 mins) / Saturday - Off / Sunday - Off / Monday - Strength (50 mins) / Tuesday - Run (45 mins) / Wednesday - Strength/Burn (55 mins)

Accomplishments: It seems like I got back on track at the gym this week, although I am still struggling with motivation to go on the weekends. In my mind, if I am getting there 5 days a week, then I'm satisfied. I even tried a few new things this week like Hot Yoga (wow that was HOT!) and outdoor running. Overall, a great exercise week.

Challenges: Trying to get back on track with food over the Halloween weekend was a bit of a challenge. We bought our candy on Sunday morning. I had a few Sunday afternoon, I had A LOT on Monday night, but I haven't had any since. This year we had a good game plan to bring the leftovers into hubby's office. I was also thankful that we had more kids this year so there was much less left over. That being said, the 5 calorie jello I had for dessert isn't quite cutting it and I am sitting here craving chocolate. 

Thoughts: I am still trying to figure out the right approach and mentality to have on vacation. We leave on Sunday for 12 days of temptations in Florida. I am bringing enough Isagenix shakes, bars and snacks to see us through the time away, but realistically, I know we'll want to stray a little. As for exercise, I want to keep up my 5 times per week minimum. That should be feasible since there is a gym at both condos where we'll be staying.

My biggest goal is to stay active, eat healthy, and (crossing my fingers) maintain my current weight. Is it even possible to lose weight while on vacation?

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Kataroo said...

You had a great exercise week...two new things...keeping it different...keeps it challenging...keeps you body from getting used to it and not responding. I think 5 days a week is EXCELLENT!

I think your going to do fine on your vacation, you have your tools (the isagenix, a gym etc) OF COURSE you will stray..your supposed to! But you balance it with moving and healthy eating do both and you RELAX...Susie said something that stuck with me last week...she said if we think too much about loosing weight we will gain weight, we will hold on to relax and don't think about it :) You'll find your way :) no doubt about it!