November 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up - November 25, 2011

Overall weight lost: 62 lbs

Weight lost this week: 9 lbs (Woohoo!)

Work outs: 
Saturday - Off / Sunday - Off / Monday - Spin (50 mins) / Tuesday - Run & Walk (45 mins) Strength (10 mins) / Wednesday - Strength (75 mins) / Thursday - Off / Friday - Yoga (60 mins) & Run (42 mins)

Accomplishments: This weeks accomplishment has been to lose all the weight I gained on my two vacation. The first accomplishment was actually not putting on as much as I thought I might, and the second accomplishment was taking it off. This week has been an exercise in determination. I arrived home very late Friday night, and then Hubby and I started at 30 Day Cleanse on Saturday morning. This time, I have stuck to everything including the cleanse day! The results support my theory that if you put to weight on quickly, you can take it off quickly. I lost 4 lbs in the first day - talk about water retention!

Challenges: On Monday morning, I met up with a group of gal pals for my very first spin class. It was intense, but in the spirit of determination, I kept on and really pushed it. There were a few moments where I thought my quads were going to give out on me, but all in all, I really liked it! There's a spin class nearby on Monday nights, so I might bring hubby along and make it a weekday ritual once I get back to work in January.

Thoughts: As I was unpacking my latest Isagenix order, I browsed through the magazine that comes along with it. It reminded me again of the IsaBody Challenge. I am disappointed that hubby didn't participate in last year's competition given his amazing results, but I figure that I still have a chance. Unfortunately, all the weight I've lost so far won't count, but since I still have a lot of losing, toning and shaping left to do, I thought it might be a good motivator. What do you think?


Kataroo said...

What a week :) amazing, strong first week into the cleanse, a spin class, and a great run!

I just have to say again that the fact you did something NEW to you, that is quite hard! and you did it no problem and with little pain the next day is a testiment to how FIT YOU ARE! That's amazing :)

Sasha said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! Amazing!