March 17, 2011

So here it goes...

For years I've had ideas for a blog. Maybe I'd start a weight loss blog to document one of my many attempts to shed a few pounds. Or maybe it would be a parenting blog to ramble on about my kids and share their accomplishments. Or better still, a marketing blog to share great articles and insight I find through my day job.

In the end, I never even wrote a post.

There was usually a reason.

Maybe it was because I was too shy to share my endeavour in weight loss and open myself up to other people's opinions; or that I did not want to share personal information about my kids online for fear of ... (insert creepiness here); or maybe I was intimidated by the online world of marketers, and again, was not ready to hear their comments.

It always came down to fear and intimidation.

Time to move on and get over it.

I've recently introduced some changes into my lifestyle and I'm learning to re-prioritize various aspects of my day-to-day life. In doing so, I'm changing my outlook and trying to build the life I want to live. This includes everything from parenting, health, beauty, work, entertainment, hobbies and relationships.


Why not cover all of the above in a blog?

So here it goes.

Welcome to lalaland!


Kataroo said...

yahooooooo this makes me happy :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Can't wait to hear more. :). Jenn King

Lea Werthman, APR said...

enjoy your journey, Laura - it's a lot of fun, and never dull! welcome!