March 25, 2011

Weddings & Funerals

cateThese days, it seems like I am running around trying to scratch things off a never ending To Do list. Even though I had a cold this week, I can't remember having more than a few minutes to actually sit down and relax. That being said, I do thrive on keeping busy and really only have myself to blame.

Sadly, our weekend started early by attending my uncle's funeral this afternoon. He was the eldest brother on my dad's side and there was a fairly large age gap (20+ years). I actually went to high school with his grandchild (my second cousin) who is a month older than me. This side of the family is very religious and so the funeral was held in a beautiful church near where I grew up, which I hadn't been to since my middle school days.

This was Cate's first time in a church - even her baptism was held in a high school cafeteria. She was quite excited to attend - so much so that hubby had to inform her that there is no clapping at funerals. She managed to stay well behaved for the first 10 minutes as long as we continued to remind her to stay quiet, however, once she found out there would be music, she was so happy that she broke out into song and started singing "Old MacDonald had a farm". Once she realized that the hymns were in French and she couldn't follow along, she stood up on the bench and stated "I don't like French songs". I then turned to hubby and gave him the queue to take her outside. I think he was quite relieved himself!

On a more positive note, Cate will be the flower girl and I will be the maid of honour for a dear friend's wedding in June and so another thing on my To Do list is to pick up Cate's flower girl dress this weekend. I can't wait to see it on her. Then on Monday, it's my turn to pick up my bridesmaid dress. I had to make a decision on the size 3 days after Maddie was born and did not get a chance to try it on and so I'm anxious to see how it fits! I ordered a little on the big side so that I could have it taken in if need be. Hubby and I have both made the wedding our first weight loss goal. As of this morning, I have 22 lbs left to go to get me where I want to be and there is a little over 2 months left. I think this is a pretty reasonable target, but I'll have to make sure I get off couch and do a bit more exercise. This cold has pushed me away from getting in a good work out lately so I have to get back on track tomorrow.

Wish me luck...

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Kataroo said...

Oh my good lord I am laughing so damn hard....CATE your the best!!!!!