April 23, 2011

Getting Ready for Easter - Part 2

Today was a busy and productive day at our house. My folks ended up taking Cate for the day, so my MIL helped me put up some retro wallpaper in the dining room that I bought ages ago. It looks fabulous, but has now prompted the need to buy some artwork and shelving to put on that wall because it's a little psychadelic...

Today was also the day we were hosting Easter dinner for both sides of the family. We finished the wallpaper in time to set a cute little easter table.





Dinner was a great success and I somewhat managed to stay on track with my cleanse, although I will admit to drinking a couple glasses of shiraz (delish) which then lead to me eating the little chocolate lindt bunny (my fave). I did not overdo it and I left the table feeling satisfied, but not stuffed. The beauty of us hosting was that we could control the ingredients. We made a couple fat free hams, corn and carrots (no butter or seasoning), slow cooker potatoes (chicken broth, rosemary, garlic, onions, and a bit of olive oil), whole wheat rolls, and a salad. We had a couple other dishes - Pork roast, green bean casserole, and stuffing - that we avoided since we had plenty of other good food.

The house is now (somewhat) cleaned up and ready for the Easter Bunny.

Here's a peak at Cate's Second Easter Egg Hunt...

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Kataroo said...

EEEK GADS I LOVE THAT WALL PAPER!!! and the Easter Center Piece too :)