April 3, 2011

Seeking Perfection

I am constantly running out of time. I truly feel that there should be more time in a day and I am seriously considering starting a petition to add another 4 hours every day. If only the universe would take this into consideration...

I am always making to do lists in my head, although I rarely have the time to write them down. Between laundry, cleaning, kids and the never ending list of odd jobs the need to be done, I never feel that sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining since I thrive on staying busy, but once bed time rolls around, I feel like I could stay up for another few hours to strike a few more items off the list. My brain tells me to smarten up and go to bed.

I will fully admit that I have a problem. When I am on Mat Leave, keeping up the house becomes my job. A little bit of my OCD nature comes out and I organize every nook and crannie of the house. I also get really irritated by things left laying around. In my world, everything has a place and so that's where it should be.

Hubby was actually nervous about me going on Mat Leave a second time. He does not share the same affection for organization and anyone who has seen his office will know that it's true when they say that opposites attract!

I am trying very hard not to go overboard this time, however, I am quickly learning that it's something that runs deep in my veins. I am making conscious efforts to let things go and trying to lower my expectations of what I try to accomplish in a day.

I am a different person when I am working. I guess I focus this need for perfection at the office and so the state of my house has less value to me.

I can't be the only one with this affliction. Do any of you fight your need for perfection or find yourself compromising with yourself for the sake of a happy hubby?

On a different note, today we completed week 5 of the Isagenix program. We took one day "off" before starting another 30 day cleanse. I am officially down 18 lbs and only have another 4 lbs to go to get me to my prepregnancy #2 weight. Hubby, being the show off that he is, is down 38lbs... Jerk... Actually, I'm really happy for him and really do notice the difference. He now fits in the sweater I bought him for Father's Day last year :)

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