April 16, 2011

Highs and Lows

I was on such a high on Friday from hitting my first goal. It was a beautiful day and I was anxious to start doing some clean-up in our yard. I walked to go pick-up Cate from daycare and soaked up the sun. This morning I woke up to gloomy weather and was up a pound on the scale. We've been calling this the post-cleanse day bounce back as it seems that every Saturday I'm up a pound from the day before. It usually drops again in a few days. Regardless, it put me in a pouty mood.

We had plans to go outside to start our clean-up early to try to beat the rain. It was so bitterly cold that Cate lasted a whole 2 minutes before the whining began. She couldn't figure out whether she wanted to go in or out and so finally I took both girls back inside and let hubby finish the raking.

I've also been snacking on little things all day. They are healthy things and very small amounts, but its the old habit coming back that has me worried. I know that it's stemming from boredom. I have to admit that I'm pretty bored with the way my days have been going lately. I wake up, feed Maddie, clean up the mess that hubby and Cate left behind in the rush to get to daycare, empty the dishwasher, fill it back up, wash bottles, make bottles, feed Maddie, etc... I realise that I probably get out of the house more than most new mothers, but for me it's a necessity, not a luxury. I am not a homebody. I feel restricted and never really get that sense of accomplishment that I do when I am working. Even when hubby is home and we want to tackle a project, I end up being sidelined trying to keep Cate from climbing up the other side of the ladder or running around with a screwdriver.

Today we bought blinds for our dining room and after dinner I decided I would install them myself just to get a little satisfaction and me time. I put hubby on baby duty and got them up with just a little help (because I wasn't tall enough and our stepladder broke last week). It felt good to complete a task that wasn't just going to get ruined 10 minutes later. It also gave me the strength to resist the popcorn that hubby had after dinner.

To all the moms (or dads) who have ever stayed at home for a period of time - how did you deal with your boredom?


Marilyn Jolly said...

When Connor was young, I would read... or sew. I quilt, so that helps.
He was also my first though, so I was really focused on him. A lot. :)

Needing to get out isn't a bad thing, I go almost every day, even if it's just to walk around a store. I tell hubby I need to be close to grown-ups every now and then.

Kataroo said...

Step away from the scale, run don't walk....stupid hunk of metal. Seriously, it has to much power. Yes use it once or (I cringe to write this) twice a week, to monitor your progress and see how awesome your doing. But don't let it derail you. You said in your post you often have a bit of a gain after the cleanse and it settles out later. Even without the ups and downs of the cleanse cycle your weight fluctuates and you don't need to watch it play it out. The numbers have to much power over us. Yesterday, if you had seen one pound in the other direction you would have likely had such a different day. That stupid number tells us whether to feel good or bad. The frustrations of life will always be there but they seem to be amplified by the scale. Instead go try on your bridesmaid dress and feel GOOD :) YOU ARE AWESOME!
as for keeping busy I highly recommend scrapbooking :) LOL

Rachelle said...

When I had Dylan we went to different playgroups all the time. When Katrina came along we went to playgroups or had playdates at each others houses. But when Ben came in Feb I was stir crazy and got the kids a pass for the childminding at goodlife. It gives them a chance to interact with other kids and me a break from Mommy duty. We are all finding the days much better now. We also go to museums, walk around the mall and look for free activities going on in Ottawa. Last week we went to the Cars promotion at Place D'Orleans and in a few weeks they are having an Easter craft day. I usually get out once a day at least. When you stay home you need to or you stay in a rut. Hope this helps you. Yours girls are adorable by the way!