August 17, 2011


Life has a funny way of working sometimes.

I think that after allowing myself to admit my short comings in my blog post yesterday, the universe has forgiven me and this morning I woke up and weighed less than my lowest weight so far! The fact that today was a planned cleanse day was even better.

Also, today being Wednesday, I headed out to the Saunders Farm Family Fitness Class. Last Wednesday was a bit of an off day. (TMI Warning)It was that time of the month, and any woman who has had a baby before understands that the first time of the month after delivery is, well, inexplicably horrible. Between the cramps, bloating, and everything else - I thought my lady organs were going to fall right out onto the jumping pillows.

Thankfully, I redeemed myself this week. I kept a good warm-up pace, ran some hill sprints, stretched out in some new challenging yoga poses and carelessly bounced around for my favourite part of the workout. Considering it was a cleanse day, I gave it my all and felt great about it.

Today was proof that everyday is a new day. It's important not to get bogged down in the negative, but to celebrate the small triumphs.

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Kataroo said...

that made me smile :)