August 31, 2011

Pity Party for One

I don't like to be a whiney pants, but...

This morning, I got on the scale after being very good for the last three days... What do I find? I am UP! 3 pounds from my lowest weight (which was about 2 weeks ago). I was so good yesterday that I even added a 35 minute home workout to make up for the one piece of banana bread that I ate. I've been stuck for a while now and I'm starting to get downright angry. This morning I weigh a whopping one pound less than I did when I joined the gym over 2 months ago. I'm officially stuck in a rut.

So, being the take charege girl that I am, I googled "breaking through plateaus in weight loss". The first site that came up is Mark's Daily Apple. I've been on this site before and knew that there would be some concrete advice - good!

So the blog post explains 5 ways to breakthrough your weight loss plateau:

1- Reducing carbs - Instinctively, I knew this, which is why we've have salad for dinner for the past couple nights, as well as a few nights last week. Not sure how I can realistically cut it down more than that.

2- Write everything down - I've been staying accountable with My Fitness Pal and already write everything down. I'm also VERY honest on MFP and even add in the calories for the extra bites here and there.

3- Switch up your workouts - As I read this, I was thinking about how sore I am from trying Antigravity Yoga yesterday... As you know, I've also added more running to my workout rotation. I think I've followed this suggestion too.

4- Intermittant fasting - Finally, something I haven't done. Over the past few weeks I've started phasing out cleanse days because I find that I end up restricting my exercise while I cleanse and I would rather give a harder workout at the gym. I was also under the impression that I was ruining my metabolism by cleansing. This post talked about alternate ways for cleansing/fasting - like eating within a 5 hours period in a day. Well that's much for feasible. I'm going to give this a try today and see how I do...

5- Keep on keeping on - This is true and I know it. I have no option other than to keep going. I keep thinking that if I make all the right decisions, eventually the weight is going to come off - right?


Kataroo said...

First things first :)
Question: If you hadn't been on the scale the last little would you feel? Really think for a you feel 'thin', 'fit', 'good' , 'pretty', etc?
I know that you look amazing in your LULULEMON top :) You look and ARE fit and look athletic and trim. You don't look like the same person that walked in the gym on her first day. Not only do you look different but your stronger and can do amazing things.
So just wondering maybe a break from the scale...a whole 2 weeks or week and a half or a week is needed? Maybe the taking the 'stress' off would help. I think I have read that the stress of the scale can bugger you up.
Also, could it be maybe that you don't get enough cals? maybe? Again what does the print out from the gym that you get with your bodyfat % say. Mine for instance is 1600 cals. That's what I need to preform basic metabolism. If I go below that, my metabolism slows down. On goal is one pound a week and it matches that. Could that maybe be something to look at. My average cal intake is 1800 with the exercise that I am doing. More on the 19km days LOL.
But one this for sure...and you said matter what you just plug along...cause this will sort itself out...your doing the 'right' things and no matter what the scale says your healthy and fit and LOOK DAMN FINE!

Tara said...

I agree with Katie!
I also think the "big goal" was amazing, but you have to continue to set small goals. I think you have done this with the running and whatnot. But celebrate each small goal that you accomplish. They add up.
Also, you may have to consider that you might not go back to that preweight, pregnancy changes the body, you know this. I think your victory comes in knowing this, and continuing a healthly lifestyle. You are a strong beautiful woman, and what you have acheived thus far, is absolutely amazing and inspirational. You are a great example to those around you and your 2 beautiful little girls. If you feel amazing, ;) look amazing and ARE amazing, than, I think that was the "BIG GOAL"! You took your life back and chose how to do it!!!
Don't give up!!! And, SCREW the scale!!!!!

Erin said...

I hardly ever post comments, but I just had to after reading this post Laura. I also agree with Katie and Tara...being active and healthy and eating a well balanced diet are doing much more good for your body than obsessing about the number on the scale or eating one slice of banana bread. It can really mess with your self esteem if you focus on the negative....focus on the positive!!! You can now run for half an hour! You did an anti-gravity yoga class! You've been dedicated to the gym for 2 months! You even said in a past posting that you feel fit and healthy. So embrace these positives!!!

~AL~ said...

I had to come and read this post after hearing about it yesterday. I haven't figured out things myself so who am I to say anything but...