August 21, 2011

They're gone.

Today we ran out of pull-ups for Cate and collectively decided that she has exceeded her diaper quota and we will not be buying anymore. We are done.

So far, there has not been any accidents, but we have also been forcing her to sit on the potty every hour or so. It feels like we've been through this before...

I've also decided that I'm not doing a song and dance about it. There will be no jelly bean, no timbit, no sticker or goldfish cracker as a reward. Normal people use a toilet and now she will too.

It's time to grow up little girl. Mommy's done.

P.S. I really hope that I am not spending the next week cleaning up after her.

P.P.S. Wish me luck.

P.P.P.S. Wish me patience too.


Kataroo said...

I love the "there will be no song and dance, no goldfish, no sticker....normal people go the bathroom." This is real life with a side of humour :) One of my favorite posts! oh and PS. good luck... I think Cates going to do it :)

Marilyn said...

Good luck :) Let everyone know if it ready for Connor to potty train, especially with daycare looming on the horizon!

Anonymous said...

As the infamous, or so I like to think, Hubby often referred to in this blog, I can say that the approach has worked. Miss Cate has been a model toilet user since we "pulled diapers out of the rotation.

Next steps:

1. Taking away the overnight pull ups.
2. Job (Like the post says: Normal people have jobs)