December 21, 2011


In case you haven't noticed, I've been feeling a little uninspired lately. Between the slew of holiday parties, my inability to follow through on my diet objectives, and the fact that I might very well be grieving my last couple of weeks at home, I haven't had the time or inspiration to put some words out in the world. Actually, maybe I'm lying. There have been a few occasions of the past couple of weeks where I have sat here thinking about something to write and yet nothing came out. 

It's official. I have Blogger's Block.

It seems to fit in nicely with my loosening of the rules on food and exercise. I took last week off from the gym due to Maddie getting sick on Monday, Tuesday, then Wednesday, Thursday was cleanse day so I didn't want to ruin it by exercising and inevitably being hungry later. By Thursday afternoon, I started getting sick and by the weekend hubby was very sick. The exercise gods were against us. A week without exercise starts to put doubt in your mind. It creeps in slowly and makes you think that you are incapable of doing the things you were able to do a week ago. 

Can I still do 20 push ups?

Can I still run 5k?

Can I still run 5k OUTSIDE?

Can I still run 5k outside in the COLD?

On Monday morning I was determined to answer at least one of those questions. With Katie by my side, I ran 5k on the treadmill in my best time yet - 37 mins 10 secs. My goal before the Resolution run on December 31 is to get 2 more runs in and hopefully one of them will be outside. I also have to get back to my daily push up routine to stay competitive in the Losing it in Ottawa Push up Challenge - Has anyone in LIO blogged about that yet? It's been decided that I will video my push ups wearing my NYE party dress... 

That's right ;)

Other than that, there have been a few false starts at trying to get "back on track". Man do I hate saying that. I'm trying to accept that it's ok to take it easy over the holidays. Unfortunately, I'm doing a terrible job at meeting in the middle. Gotta keep trying though.

One of the factors giving me hope and forgiveness is knowing that on January 2nd I will be joining a group of others in a Resolution Cleanse. We'll be following the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse and sharing our progress and success through a Facebook group. We would love more people to join so let me know if you want more information!

I think that in combination with my return to work on January 3rd will be just the kind of structure and routine that will bring me back to the happy healthy place. 

Until that time, I will enjoy life's little pleasures and try my hardest to ignore the guilt.


Kataroo said...

FRAK THE GUILT!! Flip it the Christmas Turkey BIRD! :)

I'm morning your last few weeks/days of mat leave too :(

and back to the tell that guilt...I JUST RAN 5KM NON STOP SICK AND A PERSONAL BEST...That's right :) wink

Push to get back at it....

Sasha said...

I hear ya. My last couple of weeks on leave were baby-free, time I was going to spend doing things like writing, but you put it very well: it's more like a grieving period.

I'm with Katie: frak the guilt, enjoy your holiday, give yourself permission to grieve the end of something special, and get ready for the new year!

Sasha said...

PS And don't stress about bloggy breaks - we all take'em :).