May 7, 2011

Baby Talk

I usually end up talking about Cate on this blog since she is the one who demands the most attention and definately the one requiring more parenting. While I am trying to track Cate down and get her to sit still for a moment, Maddie can usually be found smiling away in her pod or on her play mat.

Cate was a really good baby and so when I was pregnant with Maddie, we kept saying that there is no way we can get lucky twice... but we did! Maddie is seriously the best baby ever. She plays and laughs and sleeps. She rarely cries, and she even gives very clear signals that she wants to eat rather than just crying. She is so good that even when she is really hungry, she stops crying when she sees the bottle so that I can put her bib on easily. Truly amazing for a 3 month old!

She has just started to put her hands in her month and so I think we are seeing the very early stages of teething. Cate got her first two bottom teeth just after 6 months old, but started teething at 4 months and never had a dry face until she was almost a year old!

Here's a short clip of Maddie doing her favourite thing - staring at herself in the mirror! Her godmommy would be so proud...

It's moments like these that I hope to remember forever. Nothing warms a heart like a smiling baby...

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Kataroo said...

She is so adorable!