May 22, 2011

New Found Flavours

Since we've started following Isagenix, we've rediscovered how much we enjoy GOOD food. Our desires for things like fast food, chips, and candy have nearly dissipated and been replaced by cravings for things like goat cheese, hummus, olives and red wine (mostly by me). It leads me to think the meditereanians have got this food thing figured out.

I don't think I have ever enjoyed food as much I am now. With our new routine of 2 cleanse days per week, we essential only have 5 "normal" meals a week. This has completely simplified the meal planning process and also ensure that the food we eat is something that we really want and cooked fresh. No more frozen shephard's pies, even if it is Blue Menu.

The down side of our new lifestyle is having solutions on hand for Cate's meals. She has been eating alot of Gerber dinners of late because atleast I know it's a healthy option. I've tried to make her some frozen healthy meals, but she can be so picky sometimes that her dinner sometimes consists of nothing but cheese, crackers and carrot sticks. I don't make a big deal of it now, but I will certainly need to find a better long term solution for this, especially as Maddie starts eating "real" food.

Speaking of which, I caved after dinner last night and fed Maddie her first bit of rice cereal. She LOVED it! She was also in a terrific mood for the rest of the evening which leads me to believe that her fussiness may be reflux related. Here's a pic of Miss Maddie's first meal.


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Kataroo said...

Oh my good lord she is so cute!

I hear you on the love of good food. I find myself craving food that will fuel and nourish my body. That will make me stronger. It also seems that my body still needs chocolate to function :) LOL