May 16, 2011

Perfect Fit

What a busy past few days this has been!

These days, I look forward to Monday because it means that hubby is back at work and Cate is back to daycare so I can finally get the house back in order and do the things I need to do! Unfortunately, the bulk of today was spent running errands, shopping for a new dishwasher and tending to Maddie. The poor little baby is recovering from a cold and an ear infection that doesn't seem to improve with tempra and antibiotics. On the bright side, Maddie started rolling over today! She's such an overachiever...

The White Suit
Yesterday, hubby and I went out to buy him a new suit for the upcoming wedding since none of his old suits fit - sadly, that includes his white suit. Knowing that he still has another 30 or so pounds to lose, we didn't want to invest in the perfect suit and so we started browsing the rack. We ended up find a great suit that fit him to a T. The only alterations required were a hem to the pant. The price was very reasonable at $150, it's eco friendly, but best of all, the suit is machine washable! That's right, check it out here:

Today was my turn. Unfortunately, mother nature kindly decided to take the bulk of my lost weight from "the girls" and so I brought my bridesmaid dress to the tailor to have the bust taken in. The seamstress told me that I wasn't allowed to lose anymore weight between now and the wedding because she doesn't want to do it twice. I neglected to tell her that the last bridesmaid dress I wore had to be taken in 3 times before the wedding...

Finally, the pieces of the puzzle are all coming together and I can't wait to have us all together for a family photo looking our best.

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Kataroo said...

It sucks that weight loves to leave the boobs in girls...happens all the time. LOL

But I see it in far more than the boobs on you :)