May 11, 2011

Breaking Barriers

I've been stuck in a weight loss rut for the past couple of weeks. With all the social activities going on, I was caught in a cycle of losing weight after a cleanse day, only to turn around and gain it back within a few days. Finally, today I broke through the barrier and dropped 1.5lbs lower than where I had been hovering. The hours of walking I did on Monday may have had something to do with it...

Last week, we decided to try a 9 day cleanse and so on Wednesday and Thursday we did back to back cleanse days. Wednesday was really tough, but oddly enough, Thursday wasn't that bad. What we realized though, was that the results on Friday morning weren't much different than if we separated the cleanse days. So, to make life easier, we've decided to change things up and do 2 cleanse days a week (Mondays and Thursdays) for the next little while and see how that goes.

I'm loving the flexibility that Isagenix is giving me. I have a quick solution if I go off track, and I really do not find it is difficult to sustain. It is also saving us a bundle on groceries - Yesterday, I only spent $61.00 yesterday to get us through to Sunday! And that even included meals and snacks for Cate.

My biggest challenge right now is alcohol. For me, there's nothing better than a glass of Shiraz at the end of the day - especially when the weather is nice and we can sit out in the backyard to enjoy it. I think like anything, the key is moderation. I'll admit that last night I had a Molson 67. 67 as in 67 calories, so really not too bad, and even better after seeing the results on the scale this morning. I will try to not make a habit of it, because as I learned after the bachelorette party, too much alcohol on the weekend gives me a headache when I get back on track.

My next goal is to lose another 8 lbs by the end of the month. It's an ambitious goal, but I'm game.


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Kataroo said...

Well I for one thought you looked beautiful and great in the park yesterday :) I think its great that you are happy with the program and how it fits your lifestyle...its working :)