July 9, 2011

Come On

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. I just got back from the gym and am now allowing myself some time to browse the web while I sip my (decaf) coffee. I wander over to the Ottawa Citizen and am shocked by the headlines.

First I see this one -
Horse euthanized after breaking leg during chuckwagon races

I open it up and can barely read it. The image of the chuckwagon with only three visible horses makes me cringe. I rode horses for years and the thought of people using animals in these types of activities disgusts me. Anytime I've seen a chuckwagon race, it scares me. I think to myself, "here we go again", after the numerous animal deaths last year at the Stampede. I did not actually read the article and navigated back to the main page.

I work my way through the headlines to find this -
Director of rabbit sanctuary shocked after intruder kills 20 rabbits

I open it up assuming that it's going to talk about a wild fisher/wolf/coyote that killed these little rabbits. Nope. It instead it describes what a person, an actual human being, did to these poor rabbits who were given up by their owners. I quickly close that page feeling ill and disturbed.

I keep scrolling and I see this -
Police shoot deer after it is hit by car

I refused to open it.

Honestly, is animal cruelty interesting news? I realize that people need to be aware of what's happening in order to better educate, but talk about a mood killer. I neglected to mention the other headlines that included stories of rape and murder. I will give credit to the fact that the four featured articles were not grusome, and a even a couple were feel good stories, but come on.

On a beautiful Saturday morning I want to read about:
- fun things to do in the city to entertain me;
- recent discoveries to educate me; and
- great acheivements by people to inspire me.

What do YOU want to read about?

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Kataroo said...

That's horrible! and certainly not what you want to be reading when your trying enjoy your coffee and coveted me time :(