July 29, 2011

On A Break

Happy with the
change in shape...

I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm anxious to see a bit more of a change on the scale since I've started my new exercise routine. I have definately seen a change in my figure, but I have gone to the gym 5-6 days a week consistently for over a month now, and I'm only down a pound or two in that time. Stop me now if I'm being too whiny...

I've also become more conscious of my eating habits and I've started tracking my calories (eaten and burned) through My Fitness Pal. It's kind of like Facebook for weight loss. You can connect with friends and see their progress through a news feed. You can also adjust it to meet your own goals. It calculates the calories by adding up the calories you've eaten, and substracts the amount of calories you've burned for net amount. I've set my daily calorie goal to 1200 and out of the 13 days I've been doing it, I've acheived that goal 9 times. I love that I can input things from my iPhone through their app.

I heard some good advice recently about what to do when you hit a plateau - I think it came (originally) from Jillian Michaels.  Basically, she recommends that you increase your caloric intake by 10% and you take a break from exercising for a few days. This should be enough of a shock to get your system going again. The advice is based on the theory that you metabolism has slowed down and needs a kick start. This is exactly what I think is wrong right now, and so I'm following her advice and giving myself a break. I sure hope it works!

Have any of you hit a plateau in your weight loss journey? What did you do to get things moving again and stay focused and motivated?


Kataroo said...

I think you look FANTASTIC...so kick me but does it matter what the scale says :) :) Its just a number and the way you look and feel is so much more real and HOT at that!

Kataroo said...

ps. good plan on the break...I think it makes sense. One other thing to consider, is 1200 cal to low? When you got on the body fat scale at the gym the print out would have had a number...the number of cal your body burns at rest preforming all its basic metabolic functions...that's the number you need each day. (disclaimer...I don't really know squat...but its what I have heard). I think if you take in less than that you risk slowing down your metabolism. If you don't have the printout you can get on the scale again...just ask any of the PT's they will happily help you out. For instance my number is 1600 cal which so happens to be the number that MFP gave me as my cal goal to loose 1 pound a week. Food for thought :) wink

Anonymous said...

I Have no idea how to use this... So here i go for trying...

I think you both are doing absolutly AMAZING! You both are sooo dedicated, and when i see you guys in the gym you are always giving it your all.

You both look FABULOUS!!!!
You two always come up in conversation when we talk about our decicated and motivated members. Everyone has noticed how wonderful you guys have been doing!

I wish i had the time to do what you guys do, maybe one day i can do a workout with you.... I wouldnt be able to keep up. I know that for a fact.

Anyway, i just wanted to tell you, you look amazing.

And i love having your girls come play with us!

Keep up the good work, and dont worry or stress over plateaus... We all go thru them, i think they make us stronger.


Rachelle said...

You could always try Calorie Confusion. You eat more calories some days and less other days. There's loads of website out there to explain it better. It keeps your metabolism on high cause it never knows if it's a day you are eating more or less calories. I have avoided plateau's this way.

Laura said...

Thank Tara! For some reason, blogger marked your comment as spam and I only just saw it now. Thank you SO MUCH for the kind words!! It's very motivating. Your time is coming and I'm sure it wouldn't take you much to keep up with us :)