October 7, 2011

Home Alone

I have a little under three months left to my Maternity Leave and oddly enough, I'm okay with it. During my leave with Cate, I was really nervous about going back to work. Would I like what I doing? Would I trust the daycare provider? Would Cate be happy about the change? Was going back the right decision? 

After my first day back I knew I had made the right decision. I was a working mom. I needed my independence at the office in order to have to energy, enthusiasm, and patience to be a great parent. I'll admit that it a big part of it was our great daycare provider. We are so lucky to have found someone who seems to have an infinite amount of patience. She is calm and quiet, caring and fun. It didn't take Cate long to settle right into her new routine. 

When I became pregnant with Maddie, I knew that I would need to find a way to ensure that both kids could go to the same daycare, and more importantly, find a way to keep our beloved daycare provider. Together, we negotiated a schedule that mixed part-time and full-time care and allowed Cate to stay home with Maddie and I for the summer. This schedule gave me a bit of alone time with Maddie and also gave the daycare provider enough of an income to hold the spots for both girls when I go back to work in January. 

Due to a few unforeseen circumstances, Maddie has also started to go to daycare once a week. Although this is not what I planned, I am going to use the time to try to accomplish some of the many projects I intended to do this year - or at the very least, I tidy up the house and do the laundry while I catch up on my shows! And now, I go back to watching Grey's Anatomy...

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