October 16, 2011

There's a new kid in town

Hi everybody.

It’s the infamous, at least in my world, hubby who is often referenced here in lalaland. Laura has been asking me to write a post for probably somewhere in the neighborhood of four or five months and I must admit that the thought of putting my thoughts and views out there for all to read left me a bit apprehensive. I mean, will anyone care what I have to say and frankly, other than my family (I’m including friends as well), should anyone really give a crap what I have to say. So inevitably, I have taken an all too male gender typical response to things like this and procrastinated without actually saying that I wasn’t going to do it.

Laura: “Rob, are you going to write that blog post?
Rob: “I’m just about to go for a run, maybe when I get back.”
Laura: (An hour later) “Rob, are you going to write that blog now?”
Rob: “I don’t know what to write about and now I’m too tired. I promise I’ll think up something really good and write tomorrow.”

Repeat Monday but insert different excuse unless I’m feeling particularly lazy and then just repeat excuse.

It’s not that I don’t have opinions and nor is it that I don’t think I can
articulate them well. Those of you who know me, I think can attest to the fact that while I try to remain fairly PC, I am more than happy to jump in on a debate and have always tried to live my life with the following mantra: “If you know a little bit about a lot of things, you’ll always be able to get by.” In my teenage and university days, my mantra was actually: “If it doesn’t affect the price of beer and cigarettes, then who gives as shit”, but considering I don’t smoke anymore, hardly drink, have two kids, live in the burbs with a mortgage, and am middle-aged (when did that happen?), that just doesn’t seem appropriate. Rather, my hesitance has been centred on a couple of key things:

1 - I think my wife’s blog is fantastic, she is a great writer and I didn’t want to ruin the flow of it by adding another distinct voice. I know this sounds like a bit of a cop-out but I swear it’s not.

2 - I do have some reservations about putting my life out there. (Given the above comment, I guess I have come to accept this)

3 - I have been struggling with what to write about. The only things I write these days are; briefing notes (notice that this blog post reads a lot like a BN?), reports, spreadsheets and incredibly badly punctuated emails.

4 - If I find some things to write about that I think are interesting and would be relevant to this audience, I would want them to be funny and to be absolutely honest, most of stuff that I find funny is not really suitable for wide range of audience.

However, it’s Sunday morning and Laura was nice enough to get up with kids early even though this is something that I normally do and that got me thinking about how marriages and life in general are about compromise, trying new things, and doing the best you can with what you’ve got. So, since this is something that brings so much joy to my wife, the least I can do is share in the experience and you know what? I have actually really enjoyed putting my thoughts out there this morning and will make a commitment to come back and write again. I will give fair warning to those of you here to learn/discuss marketing, don’t read any of my posts. I’m sort of guessing they will be centred on family, sports, healthy (or not so healthy) living and maybe the odd funny thing that happens during the course of the day.

For those of you who know me, or frankly, even for those who don’t - please feel free to send me blog requests. I’m like blog karaoke, I’ll write the posts but I think it’ll be way more fun if we all have a few drinks and do it together.

Please submit your requests below.


Laura said...

Thanks for the post, hun. It's about time!

Kataroo said...

Well you know I love this :) LOL

My request is a report after running your first race, and a 10km at that!