October 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up - October 12, 2011

Overall weight lost: -61lbs

Weight lost this week: +4lbs

Work outs: Thursday - Cardio (50 mins) / Friday - Yoga & Cardio (80mins) / Saturday - Off / Sunday - Off / Monday - Off (Gym closed) / Tuesday - Off (Cate was sick) / Wednesday - Core Class (60 mins)

Accomplishments: My biggest accomplishment this week has been foregoing Diet Coke & coffee since Monday. I had also planned on cutting out Peanut Butter, but both days I NEEDED a scoop by the end of the day. 2 out of 3 ain't bad - right?

Yesterday hubby and I started a 9 day cleanse. This time we are really sticking to it (thus the restrictions on my favourite hunger quenchers). We made it through our first two Pre-Cleanse days and tomorrow will be starting the first of two back-to-back cleanse days. Thankfully, we have a date night booked for Friday night when hubby and I will go shopping for our Halloween costumes and leave Grandma to deal with the little ones. It's a safe bet to assume that our patience levels will be pretty low by then!

Thoughts: I am really trying to re-focus and set new goals. I'm also trying to convince myself that it is possible to lose or maintain weight while on vacation since we're getting ready for a 2 week stay down South at the beginning of November. I'm not willing to give up and allow myself to gain weight only to sabotage all the hard work I'm putting in right now. 

My question for you is: How do you keep your weight/eating/indulgences under control when you're on vacation?

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Kataroo said...

First up: Huge kudos for the work this week without your sidekicks, that makes it extra hard.

I have some thoughts on not gaining weight and enjoying vacations...I managed to not gain any weight on our week long cruise...and I applied the same "philosophy...program if you want to call it" when we went away to NOTL. Honestly, I think the key was I ditched my black and white thinking and went in thinking 'healthy lifestyle". We tried to exercise, on the cruise I got 4 workouts in. We started each day of with a healthy breakfast, something about that fueled the day and set the tone. They were higher cal breakfasts then I would normally eat but they were really healthy, full of fruit, complex carbs, protein. I didn't eat my usual carb and sugar vacation breakfast LOL. For lunch we tried again to make 'healthier' choices....but still indulged in some treats like fries etc...just not a whole lunch of crap. THEN DINNER...at dinner we indulged...we ate beautifully creamy sauces and deserts! But still stopped when full. Basically, we did our best to eat well and move, and yet also enjoy food and treats. I dare say we found balance. The best part is I enjoyed it, I enjoyed the food, and never felt the guilt that I would feel if I carried my black and white thinking with me.