October 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up - October 5, 2011

Overall weight lost: -65lbs

Weight lost this week: -5lbs

Work outs: Monday - Cardio (50 mins), Walk (60 mins) & Saunders Farm Workout (60 mins) / Tuesday - Circuit Training (75 mins) / Wednesday - Cardio (30 mins) / Thursday - Yoga @ Home (20 mins) / Friday - Yoga & Cardio (75mins) / Saturday - Off / Sunday - Off / Monday - Sprint Intervals (40 mins) & Power Yoga (60 mins) / Tuesday - Off (Sick) / Wednesday - Core Class (60 mins)

Accomplishments: This week I managed to take off the last of the weight I put on during my trip to NYC! 

The whole family has been fighting off a cold for the past couple of weeks, but it managed to get the best of me yesterday. Despite this, I still pushed on and got a few workouts in even though I wasn't feeling well. This in itself is an accomplishment - although I was a bit of a sweaty mess afterwards!

Thoughts: I am challenging myself to find the right approach to eating on weekends, while still managing to enjoy myself. This past weekend I walked the line successfully. I went to a fabulous party on Saturday night, had a couple glasses of wine, and a few munchies, but did not indulge, let alone over-indulge. I'll take each day as it comes.

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Kataroo said...

I'm trying to find the balance eating on the weekends too...wanting to enjoy wine and some yummy food but not going HOG WILD either...finding my way...with a few missteps...but getting there non the less.