January 4, 2012

Back at it

I've been back to work for the past two days and it's pretty much as I expected. I really like the freedom of carrying a purse rather than a diaper bag; of choosing when I want to eat my lunch; and most importantly, going to the bathroom when nature calls. Nothing compares to being stuck with a sleeping baby on you when you need to go pee!

While most of my workload and co-workers are the same, one thing that has changed is that now I bring my gym bag with me! Pretty much the only perk of my office location is that it is a 3 minute walk from the gym. Today, I stuck with "The Plan" and managed to fit in a 30 minute strength workout on my lunch hour. I'm planning to do this twice a week, complimented by two evening workouts and one on the weekend. 

You might have noticed that the little number on the My Fitness Pal badge on the right hand side has shot up... Oops! The Christmas holidays were indulgent, but I'm already back in the swing of things and more determined than ever. I think that a big part of that is that hubby is also focused. He has some big plans for this year (which I will let him share with you himself) and so we both started a new 30 Day Cleanse on January 2nd. I have already taken off a good part of what I put on over the holidays and I'm hoping to be back to my lowest weight by the end of next week.

How are you keeping up with your New Years Resolutions?

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Kataroo said...

Sounds like your having a great week back, and sticking the plan...your rocking it in fact :)