January 20, 2012

Rob - Goals - You win some and you don't accept the one you lose

Hi all,

12 days ago I posted a few January goals and threw a couple on for 2012 just to keep it interesting. I also promised to keep everyone updated on the progress and I am pleased to say that overall, I think I have done fairly well but have to admit that on a few fronts there have been some struggles.

Actual updates are found below but before I give you all the juicy details, I thought I'd write a bit about rolling with the punches, enjoying the little victories and trying to chalk up the set backs as learning experiences.

I have to admit that I suck at rolling with the punches, set backs and stupid, fu#king learning experiences. I know it's cliche after all the Charlie Sheen lunacy a few months ago but the man has a point, who doesn't like winning.

(Sorry about the bad picture. My usual editor is out wiht friends tonight)

Over the years, like most adults, I have come to accept that everything isn't going to go your way. I hope I'm gracious in those defeats and learn from them but I don't think this means that you need to like it. In the past, especially when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape, I perhaps have had a bit of a defeatist attitude and when things have started to turn for the worse, I have given up and then given in to the cravings. You'll see in a few moments that I had a few set backs in the last couple of weeks but I have decided that they aren't going to stop me from getting to those goals. Maybe a few of them won't happen in January but mark my words, they will happen. Now, on to the update:


1. Stick to the Isagenix program:

I had a couple of off days. In particular last weekend, when I got into a few beers and followed that up with some serious junk food. However, overall I think I have done fairly well during this 30 day cleanse and funny enough, when I stick to the program I have more energy and feel ten times better than I do after scarfing down a medium pizza. (Just for the record, I did not scarf down a medium pizza on Saturday night but I think that is only because I didn't have any cash on me.) Don't get me wrong, I still love pizza and will definitely have it again but in the context of healthy living, I don't feel very good about myself or in my stomach when I have a gut full off cheese and grease. I'm not exactly ready to call this one a victory but if I had to grade myself on this particular goal, I'd give myself a C+. I passed but not by a whole lot.

2. Lose 25-30lbs during the cleanse:

I had said last time that I had lost just over 18lbs in about a week which probably speaks as much to how much junk I had in my system and how badly my body was craving healthy living. After that few plateau days last week, I am pleased to say that as of Friday, January 20th, I am down 23lbs. This means 2 more pounds to go until I hit the low end of the this goal. I am confident that this one is going to be a win and I'll give myself a grade of a B.

3. Exercise every day for the entire 30 day cleanse:

Unfortunately I had to take last Sunday off from the exercise. I really felt like I had beaten the crap out of my body and it just needed one day to rest up and recover. However, I got right back on the wagon the next day and was even able to get to the gym for a run on Wednesday. Overall, I have been really pleased with the exercising and now that Laura has convinced me to sign up for the Isabody challenge, I think I have even more motivation. This one was definitely a win and I'm giving myself an A-.

4. Do at least 50 push ups by the end of the 30 day cleanse:

Last time I had said that I had done 23 push ups. Well, I am pleased to say that this morning I was able to do 35 push ups. I've got 12 days to go and while I'm not 100% confident, I think I have made good progress and this one is in my sights. I'll give myself a B.

Overall, I'd say I have been a strong B on this 30 day cleanse. Not an A but definitely in the top half of my class. I promise I'll post the final totals and my grades as I see it.

On a related side note, I saw piece on the news the other day that said most people stop working on their resolutions by the third week of January and since tomorrow is the 21st, I want to find out how everyone else is doing on their resolutions. Also, just because you've fallen off the horse on your resolutions is no reason to accept defeat. Instead, hold up your middle finger to losing and go for the win!


Laura said...

Ooh! I was delighted to come home and see a blog post! Still not sure what you point you were trying to get across by the picture though... You'll have to clarify in another post.

Rob said...

I did warn that some times i wouldn't have a point but in this case I goggled for a "sore loser" and this was the best image I could find.