January 16, 2012

Rob - Vomit, The Police and IsaKarma

Hi all,

Rob here with a short post/vent on how sometimes life has a way of biting you in the ass and you're not quite sure whether it's your fault or Karma dealing up a good swift kick right to the goodies. However, in spite of the negative start, I can make the commitment that this won't be a "woe is me" post.

I think it all started on Saturday when I succumbed to temptation and strayed from the Isagenix program while having dinner and spending the evening with good friends. We had a great time playing possibly the worst board game ever invented and I am not just saying that because I lost.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of playing The Price Is Right Board Game, it is the most disjointed, slow and confusing game. It can only be played while enjoying copious amounts of beer and hard liquor (neither of which is included in the 30 Day Cleanse) and that is where all the trouble started.

I tempted the IsaFates and had a few beers on Saturday night which led to some less than spectacular food decisions. In my defence the beers were Molson 67s (as in 67 calories) and the food I was low-cal chicken chili. The problem was I ate far too much of it! Who knew that a serving size wasn't half a slow cooker pot?

To make matters worse (probably because of the extra carbs) I woke up on Sunday sore from two straight weeks of exercising and feeling out of sorts. I was able to stick to the program right until dinner time when once again I decided to tempt my IsaKarmic balance and I started to snack.

Well, about 11 o'clock Sunday night, I guess the IsaGods decided to punish my poor behaviour and little Maddie, in the middle of cutting her 7th tooth decided to cry inconsolably for two hours straight. It went very quickly from upsetting to annoying, then back to upsetting, then a little bit tiresome, and finally exasperating.

Finally, about 1 o'clock in the morning, the tooth must have finally popped through. She drifted off into dreamland just as Cate wandered into our room to tug on my sleeve and tell me that she just puked...in her bed.
Picture of Fake Vomit
I'm sure those of you with kids (or pets) can sympathize with my plight. There is nothing quite like cleaning up a vomit filled bed at 2:30 in the morning with your nose covered and just trying desperately to keep your kid quiet not to wake the other one up. I tell you, I was dog pee on the carpet away from the perfect parental nightime. Once again, I blame this on the IsaKarma.

Finally, this morning, running 2 hours late for work because I let the kids sleep in, I get pulled over about five minutes from my office for speeding. I couldn't even argue very much, because the laser had me dead to rights. It was at the very moment I was handed my ticket for $110 that I realized you just shouldn't mess with your IsaKarma because it will knock you cold and then kick you while you're down.

I'm writing this post while dripping sweat from a hard workout and have stuck religiously to "the rules" all day.

Trust me, I won't stray again.

I don't think a can afford to tempt my IsaKarma again.


Kataroo said...

at least you didn't loose your sense of humour and that was the worst board game ever! But very good company.

Here's to a good nights sleep tonight....ISADREAM :)

~AL~ said...

I can't flipping stand puke ANYWHERE right now. Especially in hair. Because you can't just ignore that until the morning. Thinking we should crack out a game Saturday night...

That's some pretty powerful Isakarma!