January 11, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up - January 10, 2012

Overall weight lost: 56lbs

Weight lost this week: 6lbs
Work outs: Thursday -  Yoga (60 mins)  / Friday - Strength (30 mins) / Saturday - Off / Sunday - Off / Monday - Strength & CXWORX (60 mins) / Tuesday - Off / Wednesday - Off

Accomplishments: I made it through my first week back at work and managed to stick to my cleanse! I *may* have snuck in a glass of wine on Friday night, but I also resisted a table full of treats at my uncle's birthday party on Sunday. That's compromise in my world.

Challenges: Exercise has been a challenge this week. I stayed on track last week, but this week has the working mom life is starting to catch up to me. I made it to the gym on Monday at lunch and then again after work to join some friends for the new CXWORX class (awesome, by the way!), but haven't been back. I brought my gym stuff into the office today, but between meetings and deliverables, I just couldn't make it. I will try again to make it in tomorrow for a light workout since it's cleanse day and for sure go on Friday. If any of my work colleagues are reading this -  you have the right to give me a boot if I'm still at my desk at noon on Friday...

Thoughts: I had lost 8lbs by last Friday, but put on 2 over the weekend due to a little extra snacking. All healthy, but just enough to stop the losing pattern. I'm hoping to get things rolling again this week. Just a reminder of how important it is to stick to the program. Overall, I am still feeling more toned than ever, so I know it's just a matter of  patience and focus. Sadly, I only possess one of those qualities...

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Kataroo said...

Can't be easy settling into a whole new routine and the pressures of being a working woman, and MOM, and Wife....your doing fantastic :)
proud of you :)