January 18, 2012

It's Official

I signed up for the IsaBody Challenge!

Hubby also signed up. He's such a copycat that way (love you, hun).

The IsaBody Challenge is a body transformation competition. Participants have between 16-24 weeks to compete for the most amazing transformation while using the Isagenix products. The deadline for this year's challenge is June 20, 2012, and so we will actually have a maximum of 22 weeks to attain our goal.

I have a guest post going up on the Losing it in Ottawa blog on Sunday that talks about my new approach to life. It is really what prompted me to look for a goal. I'm not a runner and don't want to join Rob in his dream of running a marathon. That's just not me. I'm never going to be a figure model, my kids made darn sure of that one. So then what's better than a body transformation competition where I have the chance to win money and trips to some of the biggest Isagenix events? Motivation enough for me!

Some of you may say, why now? Haven't you already lost a ton of weight? You're fine the way you are.

Well, while I still have a few (dozen) pounds to go to get me to my ideal weight (whatever that is), I am more interested in seeing how I can tone my body and find my figure. I'm seriously still looking for my waistline - it disappeared sometime in 2007 and still hasn't come back. 

I'm also looking for motivation to get me to the gym and to stay active. With my return to the office, it's easy to find excuses to put my feet up. I need that goal to keep me focused. 

I plan to post my progress on a regular basis as well as share some of my workout plans. I guess I'm going to have to get some first!

And so with that, I will leave you with some cringe-worthy "Before" pictures that I submitted with my entry. I went all out and decided that I needed to wear short shorts and a sports bra for full effect. I really don't know why I keep putting terrible pictures of myself on the internet... you would think that a Marketing professional would know better...


Be kind and wish me luck!


Tara said...

I think I want to do this with you. We can hold each other accountable. I think I will talk to Shawn tonight and see if he is on board. We can have a little competition with our own little group!

Rob said...

You'll do great and there is nothing like a little competition keep things interesting.

Kataroo said...

GO LAURA GO!!!! You excel with a challenge, so all I can say is watch out ISABODY CHALLENGERS!!! My money is on you!