June 5, 2011

The Big Day

I woke up this morning with sore feet, krinkly hair and no voice - all signs of a late (great) night of partying!

The wedding yesterday was fabulous. The bride was beautiful. My dress fit perfectly. Cate was very well behaved and looked like a little princess. Hubby looked so handsome in his new suit and matching purple suit.

Here's a sneak peak of Miss Cate in her dress...


My Mom was a saviour by tagging along to keep an eye on "the kids". She really had no clue what she was in for since at times that involved up to 6 kids! Her and hubby did a great job ushering Cate and the ringbearer out of the church and keeping all three kids occupied during the ceremony. Thanks Mom!

Being the Maid of Honour, I was asked to deliver a speech at the reception. It went really well and I managed to find the perfect recipe of wine and beer ahead of time to take the nerves away, and yet remain composed at the podium...

I was pleased to have an opportunity to speak at the wedding and so I thought I would share my speech with you.

Good evening, Bon Soir,

For those of you who don’t know me,
my name is Laura Carew and I am Lianne’s Maid of Honour.
Lianne and I met in high school.
We clicked right away
and even though our birthdays are only a month apart,
she quickly became the little sister I never had.

Lianne is a rare find.
She is kind and generous,
Thoughtful and compassionate.
She is truly beautiful on the inside and out.
I am grateful to have her in my life
and my daughters are very blessed to have her as their godmommy.

When I first met Tony,
one of the first things I noticed was how much he adored Lianne.
He showered her with affection,
he understood her sense of humour
and most importantly,
he allowed her to call him her bunny.
Here we are four years later,
and I still see the same look of adoration in his eyes.

Lianne, Tony, congratulations!
Cherish every moment of today.
This will most certainly be the highlight of your life together.
Soak up the love and support that you receive from those around you today,
and remember their kind words of wisdom for the challenges ahead.

Here are my words to you…
A successful marriage is one that fosters growth.
One that brings together two people who love, support, and enrich each others’ lives.
One that teaches compromise and patience,
all the while encouraging humour and spontaneity.
A successful marriage is one that makes you a better person.

Once again, congratulations on your beautiful wedding.
What an enchanting day this had been so far.
I wish you both love, patience, understanding and humour for the years to come.

Cheers to you both!

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Kataroo said...

Beautiful speech and OMG I LOVE CATES DRESS its like a mini wedding dress!