June 14, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Today is Miss Cate's 3rd Birthday!

Sadly, she has not outgrown the so-called terrible twos, nor has she magically become potty trained. That being said, we have become more diligent with her bedtime over the past few days and it has made a huge difference in her attitude and sleep habits. She even slept in long enough this morning for us to set-up her surprise birthday present!

Here's a video to show you how our morning started...

We are planning a great day today - playdate with her best buddies, dinner with Grampa & Grandma and Grams & Gramps, followed by a muchly anticipated walk to the DQ for a kids cone (170 calories, if you're wondering...)

I'll share some more pictures tomorrow :)


Kataroo said...

the girls and I watched the video together...loved it! Oh man the birthday song had me laughing, especially Rob's after bit :) LOL Kids are super excited I tell you :) Happy Birthday Miss Cate :)

Lea Werthman, APR said...

lucky girl! looking forward to pics tomorrow of the play date on Cate's Bouncy Castle!