June 21, 2011

Summer Fun List

Blantantly stealing this post idea from Katie...

Sooooo, since today is the first day of summer, Cate and I made a list of all the things we want to do this summer.

Go Strawberry Picking
Visit Mikah & Zak in Quebec City
Swimming in Grandma & Grandpa's Pool
Go to the Biodome
Have a Picnic
Shop at a Farmer's Market
Fly a Kite
Go to an Outdoor Concert
Mitsubishi City Chase
Have scheduled Date Nights
Go Cross Border Shopping
Make Real Lemonade
Exercise every Weekday Morning
Go See a Movie at the Drive-In


What do YOU want to do this summer?


Tara said...

Calypso!!! Camping...roast marshmellows...which would result in smores and baileys irish cream shots...kayak...crosss border shopping...barbq...find a favorite summer drink!

Kataroo said...

I stole it from Nora :) LOL
Its going to be an AWESOME SUMMER :)
Loved seeing you today at the gym :) :) :) and the kidlets too :)

~AL~ said...

I'm going to steal the idea now too!

Strawberry picking is on out list too in case you would like company... :)

Laura said...

We would LOVE company! Do you know any good places? Let's set it up!