June 20, 2011

Step 2

It's set. I've spoken to someone at the gym and I'm going in there tomorrow morning to take a tour, try out the child minding and sign up. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm not actually sure why I'm nervous. Maybe of failing? losing ambition? not sure what exactly, but I'm going to ignore it and go anyway.

I'm looking forward to a month or so from now when I reach my comfort level with it and don't feel like a newbie anymore. I'm also looking forward to get stronger and building up my endurance in anticipation of the Mitsubishi City Chase coming up at the end of July. I'm purposely not looking up too much about it for fear of it freaking me out! I'm sure that will change once I started feel more "in shape".

Today, I will focus of cleaning our disaster of a house and buy a new patio door - it's time.

1 comment:

Kataroo said...

You won't feel like a newbie for long, if your going to the Barhven Women's Club its very very friendly :) Well done !