June 23, 2011

Things I love about Summer

Flip flops

Tanned woman enjoying the sun
Getting a warm glow

Frequent pedicures

Wearing capris

Swimming in pools (not oceans or lakes...)

Less clothes to put on the kids to go outside

Walking everywhere

Trips to the park

Drive-in movies

Vacation time as a family

Weekend Getaways

Drinking beer


Reading a book in the backyard
Summer dresses

Waking up to sunshine

Windows open in the car

Flea markets


and most importantly...

The feeling I get deep down inside on a beautiful day.

Summer Bliss!

What do YOU love about summer?


tara said...

DITTO! and camping!

Kataroo said...

I love this :)

We were thinking of the drive in this fri is anything good is on :)

Laura said...

Nope, I checked. Nothing suitable for kids. I'm hoping they come out with Cars 2 soon... Here's the site: http://www.cineparc.ca/