June 29, 2011

Summer Fun List - Strawberry Picking

On Monday afternoon, we headed out with some friends to pick strawberries at a local farm. The weather was perfect - sunny, blue skies and high of 28 degrees. This was a great activity to do with the kids. They were able to run around freely, and although it did get a little warm, they found some shade and hung out while "The Moms" finished up.  

I had the bright idea that I would strap Maddie into the baby carrier to bring her along...


After about 100 squats with baby on board, I had to put her down before I blacked out - it was hot out!

Here's a few more pictures of our adventure...





When we got home, we munched on the best strawberries I've ever tasted. :)

Tonight, I am making Peppered Beef with Balsamic Strawberry Salsa for dinner. I prepared the salsa this morning and it looks delicious!


Yum, yum yum... Can't wait!

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Kataroo said...

That was superfun :) and I love that the reward is EATING THEM! LOL :) The whipcream has been out many times this week :)